Saturday, 29 March 2008

Shaken, but not flooded... yet...

"If the people of Happisburgh have demonstrated one thing, it is that unless you stand up and shout loudly enough and over a long enough period of time, there is every likelihood you will be ignored," the Yarmouth Mercury observes today.

It goes on: "Whether that lesson will be learned by the thousands of people who could be affected, made homeless even, by a proposal to allow the North Sea to flood 6,500 hectares of Norfolk, remains to be seen."

Both the Mercury and EDP feature stunned reaction from villagers whose first inkling their homes could be lost as coastal defences are abandoned to the sea was when they read it in the papers.

Click here to read the Mercury report.

One organisation - the Pike Anglers Club - has launched an online petition against the proposals on Gordon Brown's 10 Downing Street website.

Click here to sign it, if you want to stand up and shout.

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